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20 April 2009


Russ Steele


Thanks for sharing the Stratfor Report. Friedman is most insightful and I have to agree with his assessment. It was a massive intelligence failure. We had an opportunity to stay connected in Afghanistan after we helped them defeat the Russian's, but there was no political will and we walked away. The al Qaeda filled the political vacuum we left behind when we withdrew our support. Clinton knew that al Qaeda was behind the fist World Trade Center attack He knew that al Qaeda was behind the Embassy Bombings, yet we did not crank up our mid-east HUMINT. What the hell was the intelligence community doing. Oh, wait I know they we developing satellite systems, they had been banned from collecting human intelligence from "bad people." If we really wanted to look for the blame for the intelligence failure, we have to go back to the Carter Administration and his efforts to reign in the intelligence community. They refocused the intelligent community toward technical means, and away from HUMINT. And, then we have the issue of the firewall between foreign intelligence and domestic tracking or terrorist in the US by the FBI, put in place by the Clinton Administration. Buch inherited the busted intelligence systems, and systems that is still not the robust systems that we really need to survive. I am not sure BO has a clue what to do, and he will listen to his lefty advisors for an action plan. Standby for more intelligence disasters. The amateurs are in charge!

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