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12 May 2009



How many times do we have to tell you George, not very many people are going to be particularly interested in the FACTS.
If he says he is helping us, that's all we need.
Although, at some point into the future something is going to smack us right in the face.
But for right now, just send us some money. Oh, and my taxes aren't going to go up.

George Rebane

Don't know what came over me BossHog, thanks. ;-)

Duckie Narveson

A missing factoid... Pelosi rushed the StimPac through Congress unread and Obama allowed (delegated) her to disburse it as it was without oversight. Currently, she is continuously sh0oting herself in the foot trying to keep the Republican Representatives as the house minority (her real job), often to Obama's discomfort as he notes his failed efforts to win Republicans to his (pseudo-bipartisan) way of thinking by inviting their kids to White House BBQ's... Meow!

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