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22 May 2009


John S

Well, it will be interesting to see how our legislative people get us out of this. Our State is so far in the hole I don't see how they will fix it without some major hurt being put on everyone.

It was fun seeing our Governor kissing up to the President early this week. He (Arnold) did say there would be NO bailouts for California. Some of our President may be rubbing off on Arnold, where you say whatever you need to say then do something else. We shall see.
Just who got us into this mess? Maybe it is just that we have not been paying enough in taxes. Yeah, that's it, maybe it's my fault.
Lets see, I don't think we can blame Bush, and we sure as heck can't blame the Democrats. Its got to be the Repulicans, although they have been in the minority. Hell, its got to be them.
I look to the Dems to fix it. But remember the Dems never hurt anybody, so if someone gets hurt its the Republicans fault.

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