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01 May 2009


John S

Thanks George, for placing the County information on your blog site.
It is always good to have the straight scoop on what is happening and what to do about it. It is all too easy (today) for people to panic when there is really no need to.
When schools close it is not just the children it effects, the parents are then impacted. When we don't travel we impact the economy. If that is what needs to be done, lets make sure we know exactly what we are doing.
Stay calm, take care of yourself and your family, and know what you are doing.

Jeff Pelline

John S.,
Is that John Spencer, our district supervisor?
This information was on several blogs, including mine, as well as on KNCO's Web site.
If this is you, John Spencer, I get worried when people who are elected to nonpartisan posts show their partisanship only by commenting on blogs of people with the same "political stripe."
In your district, a new blog has launched called "Sierra Voices":
You might check it out.
It's backed by constituents in your district. Whether you agree with it or not, maybe you would like to comment on it too.
George and Russ don't even live in your district, so I've always been surprised why — if this is you — your comments appear only on their blogs.
Maybe we should just hold district-wide elections and stop pretending that we are nonpartisan.

George Rebane

Dear RR readers – Our former newspaper editor keeps dropping by and trolling with his URL. Good and well, we all appreciate readers. But among his usually pointless and nasty comments, he keeps mistaking RR for a news wire service when he continues to point out other places where similar information is available, information that may even have primacy. Not that RR is being singled out for such attention; I’m sure that during the remainder of his busy time surfing the web, he is also contacting AP to tell them that he read the same story on Reuters, and then CNN when he’s seen the same story on NBC, and then … . Do not be concerned, the man does what he must.

Jeff Pelline

No, George, I am singling you out as a news wire service for the same, predictable point of view. How can anyone learn from that?

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