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31 May 2009



Ah yes, the days of 'Three on the tree".

Account Deleted

I remember my uncle taking me for a ride in his Corvette when I was 9 years old. The family sedan suddenly seemed a tad pedestrian. I went to the sports car races at the now-defunct Vacaville race track and even one race held on the service roads at the old California State Fairgrounds. My personal early motor vehicles were quite utilitarian and downright slow, but they were cheap, reliable and best yet, the magic carpet I could ride to anywhere I had the gas money to go. I know what the love affair for the auto meant to me and it wasn't the bizarre pseudo sexual gobble-de-gook I read about now. America's love affair for the car is now derided by the very people that never understood that romance of the open road and adventure that fueled so much of our country's history and culture. The pioneers moving west? Those were just horse (or oxen) drawn SUVs. People were free to move about where ever there was a road and not shackled by the pre-determined routes of a socialist rail or bus line. Cars are chaos to the small-minded creeps that would determine how every minute erg is expended in our lives. I don't really care about GM or Chrysler any more than TWA or any other of a number of corporations I grew up with and thought would never cease operations. The big problem is living in a country that has lost the ability to forge new corporations to rival those giants. Instead of the ruins of Acropolis to inspire today's engineers to build fabulous new structures, we break the national bank to keep the old tatters in place while nothing of any great worth or vision is produced. The history of governments taking over and running car and motorcycle companies is the saddest compendium of waste and wasted talent that I have ever come across. I won't even get started on art and motor vehicles, as that is a book already well covered several times over every decade. We are entering a new age of control. The information age has enabled those who need the information about us and the way we live and move about. Our lives will be efficient, not by efficiency, but by having our movement and energy use controlled and curtailed by Those-Who-Know-Better. Individual freedom involving movement of ourselves and our belongings will become, eventually, a luxury afforded by those of the upper ruling and financial class. Until then, get out and go for a drive! Explore the world around you, even if it is just in our own county.

Duckie Narveson

One could say 'deficits' are the problem in the brains of politicians and the 'national debt' is the reality show!

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