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16 May 2009


John S

Boy, aint it the truth.
I think about this all the time. The declining school enrollment for the last several years has been of great concern to me. Problem is, I don't hear about it very much from others. It's about the very life of our community. We do have a small group of younger folks that are concerned as well, Rotaract of Nevada County. Ages 20 to 30 year old local business professionals trying to make a difference.
We need young and growing families able to find work and sending their children to our schools to round out and make a community with staying power. These people need jobs to keep them here, and they need "the Arts", and they need something to do, and of course we would encourage them to never go out of town to shop or anything.
The retireds are good, love em, heck I'm going to be one soon. A healthy community needs all of the ages.
I do believe though, if our State of California keeps going the way it is going, and the retired people move away, and there are no jobs for the young families, that is not a bright future.

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