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27 May 2009


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Walters is usually pretty good, but he blows it with this one. Start with the quote about those on the right not happy with any level of taxation. Completely false. I have never found anyone with a conservative bent thinking we don't need to pay taxes. In fact, most conservatives will have a level of taxation that they feel everyone should pay. It is the left that will never put a ceiling on taxation. Try asking a Dem or a leftie what should be the highest level for total taxation. They will tie themselves into knots trying to avoid a maximum. There are all kinds of fees in this state that are taxes just the same as the sales and income tax that are usually not counted because they are called by another name. Try getting a building permit for a home in this state and calculating the extra cost to construct that house to our special California codes. Those are called "developers fees" and somehow most fools in this state can't see how they end up paying it as part of their mortgage, with interest to boot. Oh, and they are now trying to quietly shove through smog checks for your car on a yearly basis. But, it's not a tax, so it won't count either. If the legislature's super-majority rule for tax increases goes by the boards, there will be a stampede for the exits. Real estate in Idaho looks good to me.


Nailed it, George.


Independent of the taxes we pay on earnings and purchases, we must pay the carbon taxes specifically the AB 32 -- California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 carbon taxes, which will increase the cost of energy cross the board. Although the Governor and the Legislature refuse to call the AB32 Cap and Trade program a tax, it will increase the cost of all products manufactured and sold in California. It is a hidden tax that will drive more business out of the state. As the competition declines, prices will rise along with the taxes. When will we rise up and demand ENOUGH!


Still though, the cost of government services has outpaced inflation. Add to that the number of redundant government agencies and special interests funded by government.

I am always reminded of the Department of Energy started during the reign of James VI in the late 70's. It started with 6000 employees and has since increased tenfold.

To coin a phrase from some one I no longer recall, government agencies are like the Everready Bunny, they keep going and going and..........................

George Rebane

Also, I think it was Reagan who said that a government program is the closest thing to immortality that we will witness on earth.

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