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06 June 2009


Stan Meckler

George: Thanks for the great coverage. The official count, based on the donations to get in, is 517. It turned out better than we expected with a very enthusiastic crowd, wonderful speakers, and terrific entertainment. It all came together because of the generosity of the community. We invite all the Patriots to show up for the 4th of July Parade in Grass Valley. If you can't walk in the parade, stand on the sidewalks and cheer for us as we go by.
Stan Meckler, Coordinator, Nevada County Tea Party Patriots

Steve Enos

And who was the "MC" for the Tea Party event? Who did the Meckler's bring to Nevada County to inspire the "troops"...

None other than Mark Williams!

Isn't that special and telling too.

George Rebane

SteveE, I didn't see you there. The event that I attended was MCd by mostly Stan Meckler. Williams was one of four or five speakers.

BTW, what especially did Williams' presence there tell you then, and what does his attendance then tell you now?

Sarah H

A movement open to all will have some nuts...

Obama's chosen circle:
Jeremiah Wright
Rod Blagojevich

Steve Enos

The Tea Party? Mark Meckler? Mark Meckler and the Tea Party?… you must read what one of the "first leaders" of the Tea Party movement now has to say about Mark Meckler. Here is the link to the full story:


This is just part of the Mark Meckler blog story...

“As far as I am concerned, Mark Meckler has proven to be worse than Mark Williams ever was. We know Mark Williams is a showman and spin artist extraordinaire. Mark Williams, at least, has the conviction to be who he is and to not quietly manipulate enthusiastic volunteers who are desperately looking for someone or someway to reclaim their country from total destruction. Mark Meckler led us to believe that he and his leadership would be different, and that he was a stand up guy who would fight “business as usual” politics. Instead, he has lowered us and this movement to a point that makes “business as usual” politics look more mature than we are! This is supposed to be a “starfish movement!” It will still continue without me. I hope the remaining Tea Party Patriots prove it is just that, a Starfish movement. I hope they are able to move on and not have to deal the childish temper tantrums coming from a Self Proclaimed National Tea Party Leader’s ego when volunteers choose not to step to the beat of his drum!

I wish you all the best and God Bless America and our Troops!

Mandy Morello
GOP Trumpeter”

Steve Enos

In June of 2009 Stan and Mark Meckler were saying real nice things about Mark Williams.

Now Mark Meckler is making statements in the press condeming Mark Williams, but not saying one word about how he supported and paised Williams in the past. An interesting and useful loss of memory it seems.

Mandy Morello, a "first founder" of the Tea Party sure has some interesting stories she is now telling about Mark Meckler.

Todd Juvinall

Here is Enos's favorite democrat.


Steve Enos

Mandy Morello is a hardcore conservative and a "first founder" of the Tea Party. She is no "Lib". Look what she has to say about Mark Meckler!

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