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08 June 2009



Ah yes. Union protectionism. Reminds me of some union contracts that require two goons on a task, no matter what the task may be. Two unionites to drive a nail in to a wall, two unionites to dig a fence post or two unionites to drive a pick up truck across town.

mikey mcd

Can you say "spending cuts"?

mikey mcd

I am Watching Obama speak without his trusty teleprompter- it is more entertaining than the NBA Finals. Paraphrase-"...we are still deep in recession and American's continue to lose jobs... I know many don't believe in the Recovery bills (tea party folks?) and I ask them to find someone who has a job and ask them what they think of the Recovery bills." Where's the popcorn?

mikey mcd

Atlas (America) Shrugged...

Teine Rebane Kenney

I just did (or saved) 25 sit-ups and I never left my desk. Tomorrow I plan to do (or save) 50 sit-ups. Obama and I are getting the job done!

George Rebane

So that's how it works; never thought of that. Hmmm.

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