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17 June 2009


Russ Steele


Never fear local high students will never have an opportunity to use the new online knowledge engine WolframAlpha at Nevada Union or Bear River. Maybe at home. Most search engines are blocked on the schools network. Last year I was working on a global warming NCTV video project. We were meeting in the Superintendents of Schools Office. An issue came up and I used a computer on one of the desk to do a quick Google Search. Google was blocked. I found out that Google and other search engines are also blocked on the school networks. No one at the meeting could explain why. I wonder if they have removed the encyclopedias from the library as well. I guess it is dangerous to expose students to the collective knowledge of the world, they might learn something not on the approve list of indoctrination subjects. They might find our that human caused global warming is a hoax, or some other dangerous facts.

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