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27 June 2009


mikey mcd

Well done George. I second every thought. BTW, Tea Party folks are calling on protesters...
"Take to the Streets to Protest the
Cap and Trade Passage in the House

Date: June 27, 2009

Time: Noon until - as long as it takes.

Place: Sacramento - California State Capitol Building - West Sidewalk"

Diane Child

Great info, George. We were in Germany this month and stumbled into AlexanderPlatz in Berlin and found an exhibit that chronicled the happenings in Germany before WWII through after the fall of the Berlin Wall. One very interesting part was a description of the problems in Germany before Hitler took power. They were in a recession with high unemployment. General dissatisfaction with the government. Hitler campaigned on "change" and promised the German people that he would bring them back to prosperity. After being elected, he began his campaign to take control of every aspect of German government, took control of German finances, formed groups that answered only to him, had secret programs going on behind closed doors, etc. That scenario seems very familiar to me! I don't believe Obama is a Hitler, but I do believe we have all been deceived and continue to be deceived as to what his real intentions are for our country.

George Rebane

Good points Diane. If the Founders could talk to us now, I think they would point out that in 1933 Hitler wasn't yet Hitler either. Someone said, 'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.'

Dixon Cruickshank

George I have to compliment you on your economic's acumen - that story about the Albany - Trenton - Sac story rings so true to me here in Florida. As soon as a union person up north can retire they run to us non-union states to "retire" with no state income tax - police and fireman seem to be able to do that very young - and of course they aren't really retired - their only 45 and still make more than most of us and start a new career.

I think this is actually where Glenn Beck as cheerleader for the Tea Parties and such is at least waking people up and it seems to be working-kinda. Pretty hard to fight city hall as they say and its unfortunately true, you being in CA would know that better than even me.
Hard to believe anybody in their right mind would want to make any a model for anything - although when things were going great "Its never going to end" comes into play.

Since I found you from Russ I'm enjoying going back in your blog, hope you even see this its kinda old

George Rebane

Always good to read your comments Dixon, welcome to RR.

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