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22 August 2009


Steve Enos

George, will folks listen? Does anyone review history while thinking about the future? This is the key warning in your post:

"Forget about using that fiat currency as a store of value".

The folks really running the show, the folks that have been on a world wide level regardless of who is in the White House must now undertake the next phase of the transfer of wealth, that being lots and lots of inflation to devalue the debt. It's all part of the grand plan that involves the Fed Bank, WTO, IMF, Wall Street and others.

George Rebane

Steve, my hope and purpose is that as more people notice the attendant signs of our republic being destroyed from within, they will take a stand against such destruction and vote/militate against the forces of short-term political expediency that appear taking us down this path. I'd hate to think that this course is being managed purposely by some hidden cohort/cartel with a longer term objective that requires the removal of America as a sovereign nation-state. In short, I hope that all this is simply stupidity and not sinister purpose. But then again ...

Cool Dog

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