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15 August 2009


Duckie Narveson

Why it's a medatative OM state! Unnnnn: I sure didn't vote for him! vs. Ummmm: Where IS my leadership? Or, UnUm, UnUm, It's off to Sacramento We Go...

Yoshi Dad

Mr. Rebane: Uncontroversially, the U.S. pays roughly double what single-payer nations do in health care costs. The outcomes in virtually every public health measurement like infant mortality, life expectancy, etc., are worse. The World Health Organization's study ranks U.S. outcomes 37th in the world, between Slovenia and Costa Rica. The Bee says that it's as though the U.S. has the health care of Costa Rica, but pays six times more for the privilege.

None of this is controversial unless you gin up controversy in the service of private profit.

Henry Reardon

Yoshi Dad- I think it would be more helpful to see how many new treatments, procedures, cures, and overall advances health care gains via the Free markets versus the single payer nations. I would expect that the profit motive is still the best driver of invention. I know US based biotech companies are detoured be the fact that only the USA pays them well for their efforts... take away the USA as the only carrot and see what happens to new medical technology (I pray we never see that day).

Most importantly I would contend that we have more liberty than any nation with a single payer system.

George Rebane

Mr Yoshi Dad - The simplistic utility function you cite does not even begin to cover the particulars of US healthcare, the delivery of which I grant is tremendously distorted by government interventions at all levels. However, you do seem to denigrate decisions and enterprises that are "in the service of private profit." It has been our ability to service private profit over our two centuries that has made America the aspired destination of the world's poor (I am one of them). I am also among those who will defend your right to private profit in all your undertakings should you be so inclined. When we make healthcare 'free' and into a national common, then its cost will truly skyrocket and services decline. That this argument makes no sense to you only underlines the 'different worlds' point I argue in this piece.

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