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21 August 2009


Duckie Narveson

It must be 'new puppy' time as all (about three others) of our friends who suffered recent or near-recent animal losses suddenly found loving replacements... In fact one replaced their lost-George (you can appreciate his name as he was very sweet, large, rescued Rottweiler-Akita mix) with two of the same (Rottweiler mix)very active, large puppies. They too have a cat named Jazzmin who runs the show.... Good fortune (luck). I know Puna will be the seventh star in the Rebane astology of dogs. :)

Ellen Steele

What a wonderful blog entry, George. I really enjoyed it. Puna is indeed fortunate to be adopted into your home. Perhaps she will learn more than the proscribed number of magic words. She might be a word genius. We are looking forward to joining you in training our soon to be adopted puppy.


It was a delight to meet Puna the other evening, and great to read the story of how you brought her into the Rebane clan. :)


Don't leave any shoes out, George! I'm sure Leo will remain king of the hill.

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