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25 August 2009


Mikey McD

Nothing like an abusive government (Bush admin and Obama Admin) to cure apathy. It is refreshing that Americans are choosing to be freedom fighters and not sheep. Furthermore, the checks and balances installed by our founding fathers still provide speed bumps to dangerous ideology (spending/borrowing a country out of debt makes sense, bigger government is better government, robbing Peter to pay Paul is moral, etc); assuming the sheep wake up.

Dixon Cruickshank

I almost appears Obama is creating a second Goverment parallel to the current one - his only reports to him ie: the Czar's 35 36 39??? now another Interogating Squad that only reports to him ?? isn't that the CIA and FBI's job.

Glen Beck's has an excellent special this week of trying to connect all the dots. Good grief, glad he has a full time staff as some other guests have helped too, hard to follow there fellow scouts. I will say it is kinda scary who apparently has the ear of our president - Chicago Politic's Gone Wild, should be a DVD LOL

George as a better gauge of what Capitalism is and where we may end up I would really like your input on some of this stuff but it all seems so anti Capitalistic to me, everything in this Shock and Awe of this administration - just say'in

George Rebane

Yes, Obama does seem to be putting in a second tier non-constitutional government of social reprobates and communists who have been in busy recently getting their tattoos removed. I think these are designed to get around the checks and balances that, as Mikey points out, exist in our normal course of governance. And you're right Dixon, I should have also pointed out Glen Beck's weeklong series (Fox News) on reasonable questions about Obama's administration. The backgrounds that he has dug up on Obama's hand-picked cadre are revealing and scary. Thanks for pointing this important program - BTW, readers can go to glenbeck.com to catch what they missed yesterday and Monday.

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