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17 August 2009


Mikey McD

Thanks George-

Signed, taxpayer.

Russ Steele

Well written George! Keep your flack vest handy. The attackers will give no quarter.

Steve Enos

George, I think the biggest ponzi scam ever is the Federal Reserve Bank and what they have been allowed to do to us.

It hasn't mattered who appeared to be in charge of the White House since the FRB system was started, I believe they have all been part of the system to shift power and control from the people to those that have really been "running" things... that being those calling the shots at the FRB.

The FRB and their friends on Wall Street have been running the biggest ponzi scam this country has ever seen. I wonder if we will ever wake up to what has really happened and who is really behind this.

Next stop on their grand plan, one world bank and one world order.

Mikey McD

I would contest that a One World Bank already exists. Who do you think is purchasing US debt right now (not just the Chinese and Japanese)? Other central banks are purchasing our debt to clean up our mess- because a "strong" USA serves the interests of the world. H.R. 1207 is the first step- watch how it plays out (will there be blood? conspiracy?)

Steve Enos

Mikey, I agree that the One World Bank in effect is all already here. The IMF is the world wide bookend and partner to the Federal Reserve Bank here.

George Rebane

The IMF still lives by the subscription amounts from sovereign nation states. I don't have a handle on how much influence they exert the other way, but they are a policy tool of the subscribing central banks. Agree that bankers worldwide are in cahoots.

Steve, not sure that our Fed is running a ponzi in the strict sense of its definition. But the FED is an unreliable currency control agency that is not completely under government control. Absent a central bank, how would you (Steve, Mikey) have us manage the amount of dollars in circulation - use a currency control committee like some smaller countries do? how would that affect the premier status of the USD in world trade?

E Wyatt


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