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03 August 2009



The thing I find so amazing is that you, Chris Holland, and your British friend aren't embarrassed to admit that one must not be able to manage a life-style change without the Gov't telling you how to do it and wanting your fellow citizens to be taxed for it. That handy plate the British lady got (free) to measure her food portions must be truly awesome.

Dixon Cruickshank

Here's one right here in the US, near you George


Dixon Cruickshank

Health care czar’s office calls for Internet snitch brigade

By Michelle Malkin • August 4, 2009 02:38 PM Jeff Emanuel at RedState calls attention to the new push by the White House to summon Obama-bots to monitor blog postings and “casual conversations” of health care takeover opponents — and then report them to the White House.

As I noted earlier this morning, the White House pushback on the Internet is coming from the health care czar’s office.

Better watch yourself there George, the trees have eyes LOL

George Rebane

Thank you Dixon, but I think it's too late. They have me pegged. But it is worth noting that these blog posts discovered by the Obama-bots in the end have to be read by a government worker. More government jobs for the unemployable.

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