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04 August 2009


Dixon Cruickshank

You only have to look at the high school graduation rate - here in Fla its about 50%. When I went to high school almost nobody didn't graduate. It was a sociaity thing back then, people would have been embarrassed not too. We keep lowering the bar and the graduation rate falls even further, they keep pushing kids along even if they falled a grade and they are just more lost the next year. I actually had the school tell me when they moved my kid on into English II when he falled English I, he can make that up later ????

John S

Another interesting factor involved with unemployment is that not everyone that is unemployed is collecting unemployment payments. I have talked to a few of them and they complain that the machine doesn't work very well, almost by design. It appears that collecting unemployment payments isn't as easy as you might think. A lot of them find themselves out there doing anything else to put food on the table. So, it seems that whatever numbers we are hearing about the unemployed could be far from the truth, and always a lower number is being represented to us than what is actually happening.
I agree with what you are talking about on our education levels today. I think it really started in the late 80s. And we are not fixing the problem today. I think if I had school age children today I would yank them out of public school and do something different.

Steve Enos

Nevada County Supervisor John Spencer says this about our public education:

"I think if I had school age children today I would yank them out of public school and do something different".

Here are a few questions to our elected representative that I hope he steps up to answer:

Please provide specific examples of the shortfalls of our local, public schools that would result in you not using our local schools since you posted you "would yank them out of public school".

Supervisor Spencer, what is wrong with our local schools that would prompt you to do this and what is the "something different" you would do for your children?

Supervisor Spencer, please let us know what you have done during your years as an elected Supervisor to help make our public education and schools better.

A review of the test scores, school rankings, student awards and the performance quality of our local students and public schools show our lcoal schools and students are doing a real good job.

So Supervisor Spencer, please provide a factual basis for your claim about the quality of our schools as the facts do not support your position. Our public schools here are doing a good job, with good results! Too bad you wouldn't sent your kids to them.

Dixon Cruickshank

I guess by now you have heard about us Fla rednecks getting a bit cranky. We do that when we call BS on something, pretty laid back otherwise. I didn't hear anything about it, which I can't quite understand except they really didn't want me there, I try to stay up on this stuff and was at the 4/15 Tea party downtown, I probably would have caused some trouble LOL
I find it most humerous though as the angry mob's are made up of 50 and older folks, hardly your made for TV angry mobs, they just drove quite a ways to get there I bet and the ISEU had 1/3 of the seats before the doors were opened, the place only held 235 - some estimates were only 75 seats left for people that had been waiting for 3+hours in the heat - that will make you a tad cranky - you have to understand George we have this thing called humidity down here and it makes you quite cranky after 3 hrs in 90' heat and 80% Hum. and you don't get anywhere LOL

I should have set up a cold beer stand and made a fortune LOL It then would have been me and Beck blamed but good company in any case

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve number 1 its not his job and even if he had an idea the teachers union isn't going to listen to anybody without a Master in ED and a union memebership.

Number 2 - what in the hell are talking about, our education system is a national disaster, by anybody's standards. Do you just tow the Goverment line no matter what the issue or how pathectic the results are??

I only have specfic numbers for Fla but I will bet CA's aren't much better - kids entering 9th grade - 50% graduate with a HS diploma - what do you find so great in that number ???

George I think my other post should be in the thread ??

Steve Enos

Dixon, what I posted about was our LOCAL public education system and our LOCAL schools.

John Spencer is our elected County Supervisor. He complained about our public eduction system and said if he has kids he would not use our public schools. This is quite a statement from our elected represetative.

So since our elected representative made a public comment about our public schools our elected represetative needs to take responsibilty for his claim and explain his comment to our communty and our public schools.

You see our public schools here are very good. Their performance and tests scores are very good and we also have award winning charter schools. I don't know about the schools in your county, put ours are doing a fgood job. sop our elected representative needs to back up his claim and his statement.

Instead of just takinh his complaining at face value it's fair to ask an elected represetative what are his specific issues about our public schools, what he would do to nmake them better and what he has done to make them better.

Lead, follow or get out of the way. One is either part of the solution or part of the problem. What abut holding an elected representative accountable to explain their positions?

Plus, funny that our elected representative has not responded to the issues I raised, a voter in his district, a voter asking my elected representative to explain his public position on our public education system. It's our elected representative that needs to provide a response.

Dixon Cruickshank

Be careful what you ask for, you may not like the answer - just say'in

Steve Enos

Dixiion, would love to get an answer fron my elected representative and a response from him regarding his claims aboput our public education here.

After all he is an elected representative and he said something that he needs to explain. It's about an elected being accountable for what he says and backing up his statements when when chooses to make these types of staments.

I think our elected representatives should be accountable for what they say... or blog, wouldn't you agree?

Steve Enos

Looks like our elected representative County Supervisor John Spencer posts, makes some wild statement and then refuses to take responsibility for, explain or back up his claims.

So, Supervisor John Spencer, will you, an elected representative be responsible for your statements about our schools, are you going to explain what you said/ Or are you going to once again run and hide from your position?

bill tozer

Yessiree, our local schools are doing pretty good....compared to California"s dismal performance. Gee, California student math and english scores are in the toilet, but at least our kids are near the top of the heap.

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