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14 August 2009


John S

Interesting isn't it.
A lot of talk, very little action. I wonder where all of the money is really going. If in fact there IS some money going.
At the next RCRC (Regional Council of Rural Counties) I will bring up the subject to other County Supervisors (in Northern California Counties) and ask them to some how do this same kind of report on their web sites.
So much for transparency from the Feds.

George Rebane

John, we all would like to get your report from RCRC on how the other counties are faring. So far the main "shovel ready" project that ARRA has stimulated is the pile of BS that needs to be spread evenly across the country. The hubris of that sophomoric community organizer, claiming that he has done anything to aid the economy.

Steve Enos

What has the County done to help get ARRA money for the Dorsey Drive interchange?

This project is a regional project, just not a Grass Valley issue. It has been in the works for over 20 years and we need to build it. It's much needed for so many reasons including:

Highway access to our only ER, Life Flight facility in western Nevada Couty.

Access to the Litton GV fire station.

Access to the growing Litton Business Park projects.

Access to our expanding community college and to Neavda Union High School.

Improved access to Loma Rica and Whispering Pines Industrial Parks.

Traffic relief for the Glenbrook Basin area.

The construction project would be a big short term boost to our local economy and would have many long term benefits to our local economy.


George and John,
What, if anything, is Tom McClintock doing for us?

George Rebane

Jeff, I believe McClintock’s work in Congress looks different depending on where you stand. From my vantage, he is one of the stalwart members of Congress opposing the destructive new regime in Washington that is well on its way to making America into a second world socialist autocracy. To many others he is the Second or First Coming. But if bringing home pork - the standard measure of Congressional performance – is how we will judge him, then I hope that he is a bright shining failure, and able to convince as many of his colleagues as possible to perform in the same manner.

Duckie Narveson

Well sillies... You have to PRINT the $$$ FIRST. Did you apply for your $$$ supply with the Bureau of Printing and Engraving??? Just there! They are printing like mad! Oh! $10,000 for Bank use only.

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