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26 August 2009



One can see the technological advances China has made.

I first went to Beijing, China on business for my former employer in 1986. It was nothing but a back woods, third world country. Few, if any spoke English. The most common mode of transportation was bicycle. People lived in squalor. Their idea of a 4 Star hotel was private room, with padded mattress and privey down the hall. Police guards watching your every move.

I returned about 3 months ago as a consultant, this time to Guangzhou, about an hour ride north of Hong Kong. What an amazing place. People want to speak English. Owning a motorcycle or scooter is a necessity and they want cars now. Hotels match those in Europe and hotel food is more western-like. It is more up beat with people smiling and greeting westerners more, instead of the poverty they once had. Ordinary citizens asking me if I know Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeeter, George Bush, Brad Pitt or the Jonas Brothers. Cell phones, iPods, ladies wearing cosmetics, leather and spike clad bikers on scooters. And, they want more.

Sadly, I went to Guangzhou at the request of my former employer to iron out some issues. You see, my former employer, like many other US business elected to dump their local employment force and outsource it overseas. It is quite apparent these businesses are fueling the Chinese economy at the expense of US technology.

Dixon Cruickshank

Good piece George

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