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29 September 2009


Mikey McD

George, thanks for the links and commentary. Glad I did not read the bill on a full stomach. In addition to the blow to liberty the bill also requires states to bow and kiss the ring of the feds. This bill = insanity.

"Section 701 Findings- The Congress finds as follows:
(1) Global warming poses a significant threat to the national security...of the United States"

Russ Steele

National security indeed:

LANGLEY, Va., Sept. 28 (UPI) -- The Central Intelligence Agency announced plans to launch a center on climate change to examine the potential security risks of environmental issues.

The CIA said it was working on its new Center on Climate Change and National Security to examine the national security impact of environmental issues such as population shifts, rising sea levels and increased competition for natural resources.

CIA Director Leon Panetta described the center as an effective support tool for U.S. lawmakers examining international agreements on the environment.

"Decision makers need information and analysis on the effects climate change can have on security," said the director. "The CIA is well positioned to deliver that intelligence."

The CIA will use the center to coordinate with other members of the intelligence community to review and declassify imagery and other data for use in environmental and climate-related issues.

I wonder if the CIA spooks can figure out that the data used to prove global warming was cherry picked to show a hockey stick. Using all the data it shows cooling. Details at NC Media Watch.


So, does this mean that skepticism of AGW constitutes a threat to national security? That really opens a can of worms.

Dixon Cruickshank

I saw this the other day, being a mortgage guy and 15 yrs in RE biz this will effectively kill any housing movement. It will be virtually impossiable to sell anything without spending ten grand at least. I didn't see the part about rentals, thats a another killer, tents maybe ??

Touey's Mom

This will force landlords to go "underground" with their rentals and more people on the streets. Chaulk up another brilliant brain cluster (you know what) to the Obama Hitler Regime.

Steve Enos

"Chaulk up another brilliant brain cluster (you know what) to the Obama Hitler Regime".

Does anyone think that tossing in the "Hitler" card makes the conservatives look sane and rational?

You sure don't help the cause by using "Hitler" regardless if you are right, left or in the middle.

George Rebane

Steve, I think the 'Hitler' reference acknowledges/underlines the autocratic tack that Obama is taking our country, and expresses a level of frustration that it is hard to communicate the alarm many of us feel. You surely agree that these are extra-ordinary times, but no doubt for reasons other than mine. I would have used 'Stalinist' myself because of the international vs national aims that Team Obama have in their sights.

Steve Enos

No excuse or value to use "Nazi", it takes away from any opportunity to have a rational discussion or to make ones point in a rational manner. Most people shut off once the ‘Nazi” card is used and for good reason.

I don’t care what anyone’s position is, tossing the "Nazi" card undermines ones credibility, it’s insulting and damaging to do so. No excuses.

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