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03 September 2009


Mikey McD

ONE of the issues that strikes me as hateful in the Obamacare/socialist agenda is the utter disdain for wealth producers. Why does our country still allow such discrimination to go undefended (the rich are undeniably attacked)? Targeting the "rich" is no different than taxing African Americans different than Caucasians, Jews different than Christians, or the fat less different than the skinny.

Dixon Cruickshank

The one item I have noticed also is who is actually for it - it appears all that are not going to be in it, The US Gov employee's will not - the unions and all state workers will not - the AFL -CIO will not none of the unions- they will still be able to be their own - oh by the way there's 10B in the bill for the unions to keep running their's too. So who left ??? us

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