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05 September 2009



"Van Jones is one of the more outspoken and now visible socialist radicals", in red, no less. But you forgot to provide a link that'd let us evaluate your judgment.

Folks, don't be herd animals, judge for yourselves.

Here's the Van Jones speech he gave a year or two back in Grass Valley; Here's a short YouTube clip of him advocating a Clean Energy Jobs bill.

He's a very impressive man, but if you limit your viewing and reading so as to protect your mind from unfiltered exposure to him, you won't learn that.

Judge for yourselves.


He reminds me of Diane Watson, So Cal district 33 congresswoman who praises Fidel Castro.

Russ Steele

If you want more details on Van Jones check out the video here. It starts about 1.5 minuets into the clip.

Love Baja

I am sure fox edited russ's clip and obama's chat with joe the plumber. Socialism sucks.

George Rebane

Anna, thanks for the links to the other side of Van Jones. I was convinced that RR readers, being the intellectual and cosmopolitan bunch they are, would have already seen the loads and loads of Van Jones MSM promos which allowed Obama to quietly slide him into the White House. But you never can tell.

In my mind, seeing the man's videos and quotes, when he was talking to his own kind and letting his hair down, was kind of unsettling; not per se, but in the context that he was chosen by the President of the United States to be in his inner sanctum of movers and shakers. But I guess one can always look at the better side of all people - e.g. like Hitler who built the autobahns, and Mussolini who made the trains run on time, and Stalin who created a workers paradise, and Mao who killed untold tens of millions in a peacetime Cultural Revolution to preserve the purity of proletariat power in China. One must, after all, make allowances.


George, perhaps your best rebuttal of all time.


Oh well. Jones is a quitter anyway.

Russ Steele

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama's adviser Van Jones has resigned amid controversy over past inflammatory statements, the White House said early Sunday.

Mikey McD

Jones' quitting is one more example of the power of the American people. Silence is not rewarded- shouting the truth will set us free. The people stopped CA 1-A, Shelved Cal 'n Tax, Stalled Obamacare, forced multiple members of Obama's cabinet to pay their taxes, and now forced a communist out of an unconstitutional position.

Mikey McD

George I see an interesting comment on my Union editorial: ""Sierra Environmental Studies Foundation" just a couple of old white guys with some money that need a place to spout their line. Anyone can have a website too."

Only in a third world nation would my 32 years on the planet earn me the title "old white guys."

George Rebane

Don't worry Mikey, after Obama's policies get implemented, we will be a third world country. These liberals are just being prescient, they know the future of America under socialism.

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