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10 October 2009


Mikey McD

Our country is fighting between socialism/slavery and capitalism/liberty.

"Government officials are corrupt" is a sidebar at best, not a chorus line.

Steve Enos

Beck is an "entertainer", he performs. And here was he when Bush was in office? What was he saying when Bush was in office for 8 years?

Russ Steele


Glenn Beck was on CNN for two years starting in 2006. By 2008 he had grown is audience by 200%. In the Fall of 2008 he signed a contract to join Fox News in the spring of 2009. I listened to Glenn Beck when Bush was in office once in a while, but CNN was not my favorite news sources. Glenn didn't always agree with Bush, but he did not display the passion he exerts on Fox now. One reason for leaving CNN was he was constrained by CNN's political correctness policies. When he cut a deal with Fox, his production company was given control over the program content. Beck's audience is growing and he will soon become the most watched show on Fox News. Beck admits to changing his mind on Bush policies, once the results were clear. Increasing the deficit through government spending has not produced the promised jobs, or jump start the economy. Today on Fox he trashes both Republicans and Democrats. If you watched the program you would know that. If you just read the lefty political blogs you are not getting the real Glenn Beck.

Steve Enos

Russ, I've watched Beck's show and still do from time to time. If CNN was a lib media outlet, thus Bush haters when Bush was in office, would they want Beck to bash Bush as much as possible back then? Did a lib media station keep Beck from bashing Bush back then, is that the "story" as to why Beck didn't bash Bush while at CNN?

Sorry, can't buy that one. Beck, like Rush is all about entertainment for money, ratings and more money, performance art entertaiment for the right side masses.

Steve Enos

OOOPS... I did it again! I used "Russ" by mistake. Really an honest mistake Georege, sorry. I do get confused a bit moving between the two blogs. My lib brain has a hard time keeping track sometimes.

Side note... was nice for you to go with Russ to APPLE in Nevada City. Thanks for taking the time and the effort, it was a good thing to do and you two get points for that.

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