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24 October 2009


Russ Steele

Bill Lockyer, California's Treasure has a message for the California State Legislature telling them that two-thirds of what they produce is “just junk”? Insisting that more taxes won’t solve their problems, and that they have to start looking for ways to save money instead? But the best part is when he tells them:

"It’s impossible for this legislature to reform the pension system, and if we don’t, we bankrupt the state. And I don’t think anybody can do it here, because of who elected you. … You’re just captive of the current environment — I don’t see any way out!"

Video clip at NC Media Watch

Russ Steele


I am encouraged by the positive feedback on your article at The Union's Comment Page. The usual pack of attackers are missing, perhaps they are stumped for words to counter your excellent arguments. Or, everyone agrees with your assessment? Interesting!

George Rebane

"stumped for words" no longer, it just took them a bit longer to work their way out of the woodwork.

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