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30 October 2009


Dixon Cruickshank

Why lose the effect of free money - in those circles its called Bling by the way, you may not be familiar with the term in your circle, unless you ride'in 20's LOL

Steve Enos

Jun 12 12:00pm:

The Tahoe National Forest is receiving some Stimulus Funds for projects to reduce hazardous fuels and restore roads and meadows in the Forest in Sierra County. Tahoe National Forest Spokesperson, Judie Tartaglia says the fuels projects will be in the Loyalton area and on Plyocene Ridge on the west side of the Sierra. She says there are also two meadow restoration projects. "The meadow projects are taking place in Perazzo Meadows which is just off of Highway 89 near Independence Lake-Jackson Meadows Road. And the other watershed project is near Stampede Reservoir." On the Yuba River Ranger District one project was funded,.The Ruby project, along the Pliocene Ridge Road between Alleghany and Forest will reduce fuels on 500 acres.

All four projects in the Tahoe National Forest will pump $1.8 million into the economy through contracts to private companies. Since the contracting processs normally takes about 3 months, work is expected to begin toward the end of summer or early fall.

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