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03 October 2009


Russ Steele


The only reason for the visit was to quell the controversy over only having met with the General once in 70 days. Obama is an empty shell. There was no room for a TelePrompTer in Air Force One. Plus, relying on a TelePrompTer in an interactive conversation is rather difficult to say the least, so without the TelePrompTer he had nothing to say, thus the meeting was as short as possible. Besides the General really wanted to know, "Am I going to get the troops I need", and Obama did not know the answer, he had not heard back from his liberal nutcase handlers yet. In addition, Obama was probably very uncomfortable in the presence of a real leader, thus the shorter the meeting the better for Obama. If the meeting went on too long with out adult supervision it would be come clear to the General he was dealing with a intellectually empty shell. Not the message the General would want to take back to his troops.


What I want to know is, who on the White House staff came up with this "brilliant" idea?

Can you imagine the advance meeting? "We're taking a lot of flack for the President not having met with the General for two and half months. So we've got a brilliant idea. While we swoop in to seal the deal on the Olympic games, we'll fly the General 600 miles over to Copenhagen, have him meet with the President for 25 minutes, and then release a photo."

In other words, it's amazing to think about the fact that all this was supposed to be was a photo-op, and this was an absolutely pitiful excuse for just a photo-op!

I appreciate the points you've made on the merits, but from a purely political perspective, this is amateur hour and I'm amazed that the staffer who came up with this idea wasn't manning a weather station in Kaktovik, Alaska by noon the following day.

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