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13 October 2009


Larry Wirth

Uh, George, what am I missing here? The folks who voted Obama into office are, by definition, idiots. Ergo, the administration, if that's what we call it, is entitled to treat them as such.

Account Deleted

I watched the hearings on Tuesday for a while on C SPAN. I found the most telling point to be the question asked of the representative from the CBO - "Will this bill raise the cost of health care in America as a percent of GDP?" He had no answer, as the CBO had never been tasked to come up with an answer. Gee, I wonder why not? Some comedic relief from the response to a question asked of a fellow who was some sort of policy tech working for the finance committee. When asked if the higher costs and taxes to be dumped on the insurance companies, big pharma and the makers of medical devices wouldn't just be passed along to the consumers, the poor sod writhed in stuttering, hesitating, tortured logic for a while but meekly ended the answer in the affirmative. These staffers really earn their money. The old saying about the making of laws and baloney is best if not watched is certainly true. The finance committee vote is just window dressing as the final bill to be voted on in the Senate will be cooked up in a back room by a hand full of Democrats and Rahm Emanuel. The whole point of the exercise was to get the vote of Ms Snow, a liberal Democrat who puts an R next to her name each time she runs for election. Now, BO gets to trumpet the "bi-partisan" support the bill has, because the Dems haven't the guts to push this through on their own. I wonder why?


This shows a recurrung problem. I wrote to both our state senators regarding the proposed bailout prior to it passing. I received a form letter that, in many more words than necessary, informed me that I was not educated on the matter and could not understand what the bailout meant. Further they went on to say that the decisions that they were grappling with were only understood by a few people. I do not like being told that the people who are supposed to be representing me in congress don't respect my opinion nor think it matters.

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