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15 October 2009


Mikey McD

The signing of AB962 and the lack of outcry are both EXTREMELY troubling- AB962's signing has demoralized me.

I believe that without the 2nd amendment we are all subjects, with the 2nd amendment we are all free.

Agreed: "The autocracy autobahn is a smooth road indeed."

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Steve Enos

AB962 will do NOTHING to keep ammo and/or guns out of the hands of those that should not have them.

All this will do is send more business to Nevada and sent more California sales tax to Nevada.

The Governator is a clown!

Mikey McD

Steve, I think you meant to say "AB962 will do NOTHING to keep ammo and/or guns out of the hands of criminals. It will, however, MAKE criminals out of freedom loving Americans."

AB962 (and past 2nd amendment infringements) drastically reduce our freedom. As George pointed out, the government will now have an inventory of all guns for which ammunition is purchased (even "legacy firearms"). Our forefathers understood the NEED for guns to secure liberty/freedom. When General Sage sent 700+/- men to Concord MA in 1775 to confiscate guns/ammo the minutemen stepped into action... and... our freedom was EARNED.

AB962 is an enormous power grab- "The real reason is that this rights ratcheting law will take us one step closer to the blanket confiscation of all guns from the law abiding civilian population."

Steve Enos

AB962 is tragic on so many levels, it's senseless and will not do what supporters and the Gov. claim it will. Just one more attempt to take away the rights of law abiding citizens.

So I will go to Reno sporting goods stores and Reno gun shows to buy my ammo. One of the largest ammo and reload dealers is right here in Grass Valley, that being Miwall. Miwall does all the big guns shows in Reno and it's legal to go to Nevada and buy ammo and return to California. It also will remain legal to do so under AB962, I do believe. So what does AB962 do other than impact law abiding citizens? It will drive more sales tax dollars out of California.

Do Gooder



So I take a hundred or so spent 30.06 shells to a reloader. In the past, I just exchanged them for a fee. Does AB962 mean I can no longer exchange them and have to wait for the reloader to pack the same ones and return them to me?

George Rebane

Dave, they discuss reloading here http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?p=3191341
I'm not sure at what point long guns will be affected; the whole thing starts with handgun ammo.

Steve Enos

AB962 is about handgun ammo. So the question about reloading and exchanges would apply to handgun ammo.

More and more folks are starting to reload now. Reload needs, like primers are hard to find now.

Account Deleted

Nevada ammo sales are going to soar! Will we be any safer? Give me a break. We're over the edge and gaining airspeed. The whole problem now is a populace that's gone to sleep. Sweet dreams!

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