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22 October 2009


Account Deleted

Hey! We used to "mush" soap together - and it was the '50s and '60s, not the depression. We just didn't want to waste. Still use every last bit today. It's called "conservation" Gore and his left-wing friends should try it sometime. Maybe on their private jets or in their mansions. Just a thought.

Dixie Redfearn

I think the world is divided into 2 groups: People who stick the remnant of soap onto the old bar and those who happily throw it away! (We have one of each at my house.) When my mother died -- she lived through the Great depression -- I found some empty soap boxes full of those little slivers of soap. Was she going to melt them down into 1 bar someday? Save them in case the market ran out of soap? This is just one of those weird things that everyone has an opinion on.


Ivory still has squared cakes. Easy to stick together.

George Rebane

Scott, we did mush soap - thanks for the proper term - after the depression and war years. My thesis is that such lifelong 'values' probably started during harder times.

Dixie, agreed on the two groups. Jo Ann's dad mushed soap, but she is not wild about the idea and tolerates my frugality. Of course, there's a way two satisfy both which I've considered implementing for years should my sweetie dig in her heels. Have two bars in shower - one mushed and one 'clean'. When the clean bar gets small, mush it onto the mushed bar and break open a new clean bar. No problem, no waste.

Dave, we tried Ivory years ago when the kids were young, but discovered that it was mostly air - 'it floats!' - and really wore down fast. Not sure how Dial and Ivory compare on pennies per ounce.

Steve Enos

I always stick the end of the line soap sliver to the next bar.

George, get off Dial soap and spend a little more money for quality soap, try Yuba Blue on Mill Street. Good soap will change your life!

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