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08 October 2009


bill tozer

Russ (subsequently corrected to 'George' in a private communication - gjr), the CBO scoring is a one day story. When the final bill gets written and passed. I predict it will be somewhere near 1.9 trillion. The out years will push it to over 3 trillion. Time will tell. What is apparent is that waiting times in doctors' offices in Boston have doubled due to MassachusettsCare. Public hospitals there are cutting wellness programs to compensate for the reduced reimbursements from the state. Yes, the public hospitals are suing the state for not paying up. I will be taxed for having private insurance. No matter what the final cost of health care will be, I will be paying more than I do now.

Russ Steele

Hi Bill,

It was George's post. However, I agree the CBO is being taken out of context. They said, until the bill moves from concept language to law language they can not come up with a final figure. But, the idiots will try to push it through before the final figure is know. What we are seeing now is bait and switch. I am not taking the bait.

bill tozer

Thanks Russ for the correction. Sorry George. No disrepect intended.

Dixon Cruickshank

Before I make my final call does Gazillion come after Trillion - just wondering

George Rebane

Dixon, I think you're about right on that. After a trillion, you just throw on a handful of zeros and call it a gazillion. At that point it doesn't matter any more.

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