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23 November 2009




Agreed! We need to keep the pressure on our Group 3 political leaders. I have provided a list of links to California Leaders on NC Media Watch. In the mean time, I have been forwarding CRU revelations to California Assemblyman Dan Logue, who is seeking to reverse AB32 and reduce the environmental regulatory impact on local business. I have also included Congressman McClintock's staff on the distribution. More voices my help get the message across, but I have serious doubt that Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Dianne Feinstein will pay any attention, but those running against Boxer in 2010 may pay attention. Carly Fiorina former HP CEO is running for Boxer's seat. Here Facebook contact is here: http://www.facebook.com/CarlyFiorina

John S

Be aware, Bay area folks are TRUE believers in AGW. It will take a brick in the face to get them to let loose of this.
An upcoming election and an informed person to run against Boxer or Feinstein may do the trick, but the opponent will have to be polished to pull it off.
Keep up the good work George. I'm so happy to see some movement on this.

Anna Haynes

George, let me know if you're prepared to stand behind your writing, and I'll dig into this. (explanation)

Otherwise, factchecking your assertions stays in the "low priority" queue.

Anna Haynes

Also, do you know if Anthony Watts a) attended Purdue, as he's claimed, and b) graduated? He's unwilling to speak with me about it.

George Rebane

Anna, the doctored code and selective use of data are not MY assertions, they now belong to the world. I fear that debating anything with you as a True Believer is equivalent to getting into a land war in Asia. Past debates have wound up our just talking past each other. But I do recommend that, given this news, the first step would be to debunk the CRU hack. Otherwise, keep me in the low priority que (sic).

Anthony Watts speaks for himself.

Mikey McD

First we have rebels waltz into ACORN and... now we have hackers surf into Britains’s Climate Research Unit... what is next? Are these acts similar to throwing tea into the harbor?

For those in groups 1,2, or 3:


Larry Wirth

Actually, the latest on WUWT by moderator Charles is probably the best explanation of what actually happened- no hacker needed, nor a mole, just butt-lazy incompetent "scientists." Highly likely the whole thing was triggered by Steve MacIntyre's FOI request. Go read it, it's lots of fun and there will be no 'debunking' of the CRU hack. Looks like the idiots just left the information lying around where it could be picked up.

Anna, get a life.

Anna Haynes

> Anna, the doctored code and selective use of data are not MY assertions

But you're repeating them, which indicates that you think they're . Let me know when you're willing to stand behind what you're writing, and I'll address it.
(meanwhile, folks, check the blog posts at warming101.com, where others have been doing so)

Anna Haynes

Oops, no preview button. From my above comment, "which indicates that you think they're"
...obviating the existence and threat of climate change.
They're not. Anyone who says they are either doesn't know better, or is someone who couldn't care less about their kids' (and yours') welfare. Not savory.

Dixon Cruickshank

Anna , they made it all up - its whats known as a Fairy Tale. Fairy Tales are good stories granted, just not true, I will say they did a good job and I don't blame some people for believing them - but there is proof now it was just a Fairy Tale

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