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14 November 2009


Mikey McD

George, I must repeat the NEED for the following initiative...

Initiative HERE: http://ag.ca.gov/cms_attachments/initiatives/pdfs/i851_initiative_09-0054.pdf

When this initiative passes:

* Public Employee Unions will not be allowed to use any portion of workers’ paychecks (funds that are collected by the government) for political activities. This would remove hundreds of millions of dollars from the corrupt Political Machine that dominates California politics and level the playing field for all groups and citizens.
* Public employees would regain the right to make their own decisions about their political donations, not have the Union Bosses play politics for them.
* Public Employee Unions and their politician cronies will have to ASK for voluntary political contributions just like everyone else!

Mikey McD

Dem knocking Dems... :http://unplugthepoliticalmachine.ning.com/video/bill-lockyer-scolds-dems

George Rebane

Mikey, your comment on the initiative bears repeating. Thanks.

Dixon Cruickshank

Not sure if that really says that the union dues can not be used - but the union could elect George if they really wanted to - IF George then had a deal with them to give them everything in the next contract. Thats the problem - the unions buy the guys that are going to do the next contract and ANY Gov position is very lucretive - so many are willing to sell their soul to the devil - mostly chitheads that can't make it in the public sector

George Rebane

I would be remiss if I didn't point RR readers to the comment thread of this article in The Union online edition. The link to it is in the header above. Its entertainment value is worth the price of admission.

Dixon Cruickshank

thanks George it was fun - read a couple pages but not all and not sure who you outted but only have 2 guess'es and 1 doesn't count LOL

It cut my last 2 words off though, I just thought of something else to say I hope somebody comes back tomorrow - that should be an easy call
- a good El Nino to ya, we need some winter rain too, no tropical storms this year which we need to stock us up.

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