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09 November 2009


Mikey McD

I can't put it any better than the RR's:


Reagan had a way with words- goose bumps.

BO Clip

Interesting compilation of BO's thoughts:


Steve Enos

This is so tragic for so many reasons. Let's hope we learn from this. Looks like many "warning signs" were overlooked for some time.

Wayne Hullett

Perhaps this could be the beginning of the end of political correctness?

John S

The Fort Hood tragedy is very disturbing to me. The enemy is among us and political correctness is blinding our eyes.
I for one am going be watching this one to see what evidence is allowed to see the light of day. I will be interested to see how everyone participates, and am very concerned about what is going to happen to the killer in the end.
There is no forgiveness for this.

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