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24 November 2009




CBS has the story on the CBS Blog here. No telling if it will make it to CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

Declan McCullough dives into the East Anglia CRU exposure and delivers a well-researched and fair look at the controversy for CBS News.  McCullough looks at the various e-mails, including portions that have not yet gotten much attention from the media, and concludes that the CRU has acted without transparency.  He also shows why the data itself has become suspect, as well as the modeling on which anthropogenic global-warming activists rely for stoking public demand for action.

H/T to Hot Air

Larry Wirth

George, I always knew you were good for something! That is the best short-form description of what is unfolding that I could ever imagine. Too bad the MSM will never get it enough to enlighten the folks...

Anna, get a life.

Anna Haynes

George, let me know when you're ready to stand behind your writing, and I'll look into it. Until then, I have higher-ROI things to do with my time.

Dixon Cruickshank

Anna you having a big helping of Crow for Thanksgiving, I hear horse manure with mixed Nuts makes a great stuffing

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Steven Frisch

I am thankful today that the voices of Russ and George are a voice in the wilderness.

Read the response to the "climate change e-mail fraud" in the Scientific American.


George Rebane

For those who missed it, Scientific American is now celebrating about twenty years of having converted to a progressive promoter of one-world ideology wrapped in various layers of science and 'science'.

It's response is right on script - ignore and deny all skeptical claims, no matter their provenance, number, or pedigree. Just keep repeating the same mantra of AGW. The particular article referenced by Mr. Frisch is a cut below sophomoric as a reasonable response to the new dimension in the climate change debate (which is far from over).

And describing Russ and George to be some lonely voices in the "wilderness", I suppose is an attempt to influence the occasional innocent that wanders on to these pages. I could expand the list of such opposing voices, but there is little profit in it - the reader in doubt can simply pick up any issue of the WSJ, the world's leading newspaper in print and online, and judge for himself the how lonely and misled are the cited voices and the nature of the wilderness they inhabit.

The acid test still remains - the skeptics answer the True Believers' points one-by-one with testable science. The True Believers respond with vilification, and the recounting of a litany that never varies, returns, or acknowledges the material criticiques of their poorly formed belief system.

But then, if one's purview is sufficiently narrow, then Russ and George may indeed loom large and lonely. And even then, we are both thankful that our voices are at least heard in whatever context, so that ours may be added on to those of the others when the listeners' ears open wider.

Steven Frisch

There are no innocents here. Just a collection of like minded nativists, anti-intellectuals, conspiracy theorists, and curmudgeons.

By the way, Eric Hoffer would roll over in his grave at your reference to "True Believers". He was describing you.

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve I will quote via copy and paste a couple items from your article and comment-

"highlight definite character flaws among some climate scientists—including an embarrassing attempt to delete emails that discussed the most recent report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change"
= A BUNCH OF LYING BASTADS, and we don't still know what was deleted in the AR-4 emails - after FOI requests = criminal behavior

"one of the most "damaging" emails in question from Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., is actually mourning the paucity of Earth observation systems and data in the past decade, such as satellites (gutted by a lack of funding and launch miscues in recent years) to monitor climate change in the midst of natural variability."

$80 BILLION IN THE US ALONE SINCE 2003 ISN'T ENOUGH - maybe fewer meetings in Tahiti - per Phils emails

"While the revelations about pressuring the peer review process and apparent slowness in responding to an avalanche of requests for information unveil something below impressive scientific and personal behavior, they can also be seen as the frustrated responses of people working on complex data under deadline while being harassed by political opponents."

Read the emails - they controlled the peer review process so only the The Teams papers were published - they reviewed their own papers - apparently reading comprehension is not required at Scientic American

SLOWNESS - all the SCIENTISTS wanted was the base TEMP DATA - since 2003. Read the emails sir (no cap on purpose) - Phil Jones tried everything to not release anything to anybody because it was total adulterated CRAP and he knew it- thereby propping up his Political Co-Conspiritors and the $$$ from grants to him and the others.

"Because the opposition here is not grounded in any robust scientific theory or alternative hypotheses (all of those, in their time, have been shot down and nothing new has been offered in years)

Another through back to "It's not peer reviewed" see above - if you can't get data hard to come up with something - if you can't something peer reviewed it doesn't count - see above.

"Has there ever been a nuclear reactor built anywhere in the world that didn't rely on government to get it done?"

Other than a gazillion permits we built a bunch of power plants that the rate payer is paying for. ie:Fla Power Crystal River

"The problem is not the behavior of climate scientists or their results"

OH HELL YES IT IS - thats the whole issue, sorry you missed it - that damn reading comprehension thing again

"That's not something some folks want to see, primarily those working in the fossil fuel extraction and/OR FUEL BURNING BUSINESS."

THAT'S US YOU IDIOT - I burn fossil fuel in my car, in my boat and to get A/C - the power company or Exxon doesn't give a rats ass - they get 10% of whatever WE PAY

"There is, in fact, a climate conspiracy."

ABSOLUTELY AND EVERYBODY KNEW IT BUT YOU,WELL ANNA TOO, BUT WE JUST GOT THE PROOF ITS ALL BS - Although you didn't have to point out the obvious, we're not stupid

Since Thanksgiving is over maybe you can have your Crow with Mixed Nuts stuffing at Christmas. Sorry this may not be PC correct for Liberal Progresive, you probably have a new name for it, sorry.

Steven Frisch

This blog, you people, from George to Russ to Dixon, to the lot of your mindless followers, are the most retrograde idiots in the history of the friggin' world. Why would anyone waste their breath on you?

I cite as evidence George's much vaunted LOGIC MODEL which even he could not following when responding to me.

In the last 6 months my work with collaborators has leveraged more than $3 million in investment in the region and protected more than 3,000 acres of land.

I think the best course for me is to do my work, ignore you folks, and out compete you laggards.

Have fun in Florida Dixon, and in the curmudgeons retreat with Russ, George.

Sarah D

Steve, you sound like a very enjoyable person (sarcasm attempt). Next time you post I hope you share whatever recipe you used for the crow you ate.

p.s. WMD and AGW have a lot in common.

George Rebane

Does anyone have an idea whose $3M "investment" was "leveraged" in what manner? Also, what 3,000 acres are now "protected"? Something protected is usually the suspect code word for the use of that something being limited or eliminated. I was not able to discover this noteworthy project on the Sierra Business Council website. I would ask Mr Frisch, but he seems to have left in a huff, never to return.

And finally, can anyone explain what "business" does SBC do? Who gets to put more bread on the table through the good offices of SBC? Such answers are not discernible from its website, which makes SBC sound like another leftwing busybody organization, living off tax dollars and grant monies, that impedes the natural intercourse among a free people. Surely this is not an accurate assessment.

Dixon Cruickshank

It would be intereting to get some details, but getting some land to do nothing doesn't sound too hard.

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve I know your still around and no I don't expect you to respond after the last thrashing. Keep in mind we do take this crap personally - because it is in fact about us. So maybe just sit back awhile until the smoke clears and possibly re- think some of your positions, some make you look foolish. Steve this entails blatent fraud and collusion, so blatent a 3rd grader wouldn't buy it so why should grown ups.

George for you and your devoted readers, I ran across this which exemplifies the issue wonderfully.


George Rebane

Dixon, can you recheck that URL? I get a 'page cannot be displayed' notice.

Russ Steele


When I clicked on Dixon's link it worked just fine.

George Rebane

Yep, it also worked for me now. Must have been a server glitch.

Dixon has pointed to a good piece documenting more hanky-panky of the kind that you Russ are most familiar with, given your work on Anthony Watts' temperature stations survey.

Dixon Cruickshank

I didn't really know which place to put it, but picked this one for my new friend Steve. Glad you found it interesting, I'll keep digging, if I had an email I would just forward it and let you guys run with that stuff.

Damn cold down here by the way, froze my butt off (actually hands) fishing yesterday high was only in the 60's lots of sun though. Also reenforced the thought that getting up at 6AM is over rated.

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