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06 November 2009


Dixon Cruickshank

George you gonna go grey waiting -- oh snap LOL

George Rebane

Am already gray and bald, and afraid to ask what comes after that.

Dixon Cruickshank

LOL George you and Russ are a hoot and I'm really glad I found you guys in inter world - worry when you need Viagra to not pee on your flip flops - thats an issue in Fla maybe not so much in N CA

I did make some coments on jobs over there that you are more competent to expound on but I'm sure you will see them

Being a Scotsman in the tropics I had a rather tough bout with skin cancer this year after 40+ years of golf and fishing so have had more than normal time on the net. Although did pretty good amount of mortgage business through the surgery's and recently the 6 weeks of radiation - with a CA lender by the way - I'm trying to help you guys, but damn these guys are still actually mailing me my check - float I guess LOL

Rock On George

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