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19 November 2009


Dixon Cruickshank

Sounds fair to me

steven frisch

Can you please give me a couple of DOCUMENTED AND SOURCED examples of laws made that apply to the people but do not apply to members of the Senate or House of Representatives?

George Rebane

The asymmetries between the rights and privileges of members of Congress and other high officials of the federal government are many and some purposely not very visible. The most irritable differences are in the members’ pension and benefit packages, in addition to those that allow them to use public monies to maintain their jobs. The upcoming national healthcare makeover is probably what launched the latest call for this amendment in the emails and blogosphere. For example –

Examples of longstanding entrenched asymmetries may be found in US Code sections that include –

Occupational Safety and Health Act
Freedom of Information Act
Ethics in government laws (to a lesser extent)
Personal Gain outside Federal Employment
A slew of Labor and Employment Laws

More through these links –

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