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07 November 2009


Russ Steele


It seems to me that Steve Frisch is having problems with the Data Set input to the Reasoning Engine. The set of beliefs in his data set have only a limited relationship to reality, to the ground truth of real world circumstances. If you start out with corrupted data sets there is no way to arrive at any reasoned conclusion. The best logic system in the world cannot cope with corrupted data sets. Since Frisch start his analysis with a corrupted data set can we expect his reasoning to be corrupted as well?

Bob Hobert


It is painful for me to read Steven Frisch, and more so to know there are millions more who think like him. Long years after the classroom I have learned to truly appreciate history and its lessons. Liberals, however, mostly believe history has stopped, full human enlightenment having serendipitously occurred around the date of their birth. They are the progressives, the enlightened (by what if not history?) moving proudly forward, self-assured of their intellectual superiority and their ordainment to rule. They cannot be trusted with our liberty.

Larry Wirth

Good stuff, George. Wonder if Herr Frisch could take the time to gather his thoughts instead of being a "serial poster"?

Every blog needs its leftist moron to keep the rest of on our toes; Frisch is yours. It's good to keep such interested for the insight they provide into their particular way of "thinking." L

Sarah D

Truer words were never spoken, well put Bob H:

"They [progressives] cannot be trusted with our liberty."


um, Bob?

Fukuyama is a Straussian, like George. Although he has very marginally recanted of late (2008), he cannot be thrown in with the "[l]iberals" in the sense that you wish to convey. He is a classic, latter-day neo-con. Perhaps you meant "neoliberals?"

Steven Frisch

Well interesting response. Instead of answering any of my comments you basically said "you are crazy".

I am going to respond to this. The only reason I have not is that I have been in Arkansas fishing for the last 10 days and did not want to spend my flyfishing meditation time thinking about RR. Instead I fished and read three books.

George Rebane

Re use of 'insane' - In this context I use the term formally, and in no way intend for it to be a personal slur. It simply means that within the System of Logic that structures and informs my universe, Steve Frisch didn’t work his Reasoning Engine correctly.

Mr. Frisch, your interpreting my use of 'insane' as "you are crazy" may in the present context be offered as Exhibit A to the thesis of my post. And expansion of the point illustrates why we wind up talking past each other.

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