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30 November 2009


Anna Haynes

> "raw Earth temperature data destroyed intentionally"

George, let me know when you're prepared to stand behind your writing, and I'll look into this. (explanation)

Otherwise, factchecking your writing stays in the "low priority" queue.

George Rebane

For readers unfamiliar with the format convention for an active link, please note that a string of underlined characters all in blue denotes such an active link. It is usually included in internet text communications to provide access to related expansions, background, or corroborating material. Clicking on such a link will cause the browser program to branch to the URL (Internet address) that underlies the formatted string. Such writings are known as being 'hyperlinked'. A most convenient feature that you'll soon be using without much thought or apprehension.

Dixon Cruickshank

Anna if someone admits something openly how much more fact checking needs to be done - just say'in

Mikey McD

Gore and the conspiracy gang look like a bunch of boobs. How inconvenient indeed. To delete all the raw data is criminal. I hope some of these sell-out "scientists" go to jail. I am looking forward to future coverage of this issue. Thank you George. Sure is fun to watch the Gore and Anna types eat crow... Anna has resulted to cut/paste old comments with no substance and Gore has conveniently been on extended vacation away from the internet he invested since this debacle broke out. It is too much to expect that cap-n-tax is dead as a result?

Mikey McD

"he invented" not "he invested"

Bob Hobert

Anna, my observation is that fact checking anything is "low priority" in the climate fraud deniers' queue.

Dixon Cruickshank

Anna - the new breed of Denier

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