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30 December 2009


Bob Hobert

Great one GR. I suspect many won't perceive the satire.


Great idea George! Also, we can adopt the French model, were the people throw candy wrappers and tissues in the streets so the unemployeed can have a job cleaning up the trash and sweeping the streets. No powered equipment, just brooms made from our local scotchbroom, creating even more jobs making brooms. We will harvest the broom sticks from our local forrest, creating even more jobs. Instead of Nevada City and Grass Valley buying new environmentally friendly street sweepers we can mandate hand sweeping of the streets. The governor and legislature can ban mechanical car washs and require a car washes be done by hand. I think if we really put our mind to it we can create a lot of jobs. No Federal Stimulus needed!

John S

Dear George
You had better be careful, with wisdom like this you could find yourself running for election in the next State primary. This is where it starts, an overwhelming desire to create new law, and if you don't care about how much it will cost, you're there. Go directly to the State Capitol with a sandwhich board of some kind.

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