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26 January 2010


M Prince

I bet no one mentioned lower taxes as a means of creating profitable/sustainable jobs (taxpayers were all at work). Having a group of unemployed folks brainstorming how to generate jobs is futile.

George Rebane

You win the bet. (For further commentary on this, also see 'Ex Plures Duos' on RR)


You know that WWI song, We March, We March, We March... Apparently all our government can do it REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT to no avail. We chewed that grass. It's time to spit the cud out and find new pastures. Where has our spirit-ual enterprise gone? Into remission I guess (Porkland).

As best educated, most forward thinking country in the world you'd think we'd have the most innovative form of government to be invented, perhaps i-government. Why do we all dumb-down to our lowest (greedy) levels? Where is the inspiration that created our Constitution as a guide to SELF governing?

Mark Steyn’s ‘Welcome to Rome – Commit national suicide shall we?’) sounded interesting but can't view without a password...

Dixon Cruickshank

Keeping on this vaimn - another boondoogle


keep in mind a couple things - Tampa to Orlando is 85mi - Tampa to Disney is 68 - by the time you exit the I stste downtown and drive to the terminal(15min)-park-pay to park (10min), buy tickets (15min) and load the chill'in's on the train,this is based on the train leaving upon your entrance. You'd be at least halfway there if you kept going out I-4 - and instead of $10 for gas you get pay to park and buy a ticket for $10 to $30 and figure out how to get where you wanted to go, taxi maybe? On the other hand if in Disney for say a week - try and talk the kids into leaving Disney to come to Tampa, for what? An old cigar factory, the bars in Ybor City, hot secretarys walking downtown? maybe the aquarium but I doubt that.

I still wonder at 68 miles that being a 22 min trip @ 180mph - hardly even get it going before your slowing down - would only make sense to a Government worker.

Dixon Cruickshank

Misspelled vain - BUT on the same topic we already have an Amtrak station they just remodled for 3mill about 5 yrs ago a few blocka away - although to get Orlando or Miami you have to ride a bus from the station 50 miles to Winter Haven to catch the train going from Miami to NY - Amtrak is not allowed to start and end a route within a state - so no trains can run from Tampa to anywhere in state - brillent huh. I used to send my son to grandma's in West Palm so learned all about it.

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