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11 January 2010


Mikey McD

My thoughts exactly: "I wanted Obama to win because he was a mulatto, and I wanted him to lose because he had the belief system of a socialist." and "So what the hell is all the fuss about?! To many of us, Harry Reid is a common sleazebag politician and a lying sumbich."

Dixon Cruickshank

I agree to, as much as I don't like the him, he should have axed to see his birth certificate though LOL

as much as it doesn't matter anymore I still think he was probably born in Kenya, but his mother was smart and that really makes him African-American

Dixon Cruickshank

Hey what about the earthquake - you guys feel it ???

George Rebane

Nary a vibe.

Steven Frisch

Wow....I agree with you...about Reid and Lott.

People should be able to say unpopular things.

George Rebane

Then maybe this is a beginning; who knows what roads we may yet travel together.

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