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30 January 2010


Michael Anderson

I think Obama certainly has an overarching ideology upon which he depends for guidance. But Reagan was the last president whereby this trait was acceptable to the American people for some reason, and so all presidents since Bush I have had to pretend that they are nothing more than a mirror of their sacred constituency.


Bush II was the poster boy for claiming to not have an overarching ideology when he really did. He was just a guy you could have a beer with!

I would make the case that Bush II's overarching ideology, perhaps best exemplified by the Bush Doctrine, came out of the Joint Chiefs and Company rather than George's studied world view (if such a thing actually exists). But still, it was an overarching ideology.

We have until January, 2013, to find out the Obama backstory. Stay tuned.

Mikey McD

My "presidential lie counter" ran out of digits. He might not be an idealogue, but his puppeteers certainly are.

Until I hear otherwise I will assume that Obama's quote was an attempt at sarcasm.

Mikey McD

George, I thought you miss quoted our head politician “I am not an ideologue”... I apologize, you were correct: here is the short slip.


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