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09 January 2010


Mark Meckler

Thanks George...great article as usual. Appreciate the kudos.

Steven Frisch

I will love it if the Tea Party Patriots run candidates for the House and Senate in 2010 and for President in 2012. It would only make sense since they are independent of the Republican Party. Mark, will the Tea Party be seeking to institutionalize their movement by forming a political party, or will they be supporting candidates from the two major parties (or other parties)?

Just excited to see the Tea Party establish their status.

Ellen Steele


Thanks for noting the difference between the Tea Party Patriots and the Tea Party Express, several of the local progressive bloggers cannot tell the difference. One blogger who prides himself in being in the know, thinks all tea bags are the same. Clueless dude!

Steve Enos

Hello Mr. Meckler and others. I'm letting folks know that Mark and I have exchanged a few emails over the last couple of days.

Mark, I await your reply to my last email, the email that asked you about campaign signs being distroyed in a past election. I will wait a little longer for your reply and I hope you respond to the quesiton I raised to you.

I think the incident in question I raised to you goes to the issues of honesty, free speech and following the law, qualities you profess to stand for. So I hope you send me a reply and an answer to the question I asked you so I can have your side of the story.

Mark, I hope to hear from you and look forward to your response.

Steven Frisch

I am wondering can't tell the difference between the Tea Party Patriots and the Tea Party Express? I think the distinction is clear. Who funds each group at what levels? Can we get copies of their 990's?

Steven Frisch

That should read "who can't tell the difference".

clay barham

Individual freedom, for 400 years, has proven far better than a few thousand years of tyranny, the rule of the few over the many. We have only to look at the Federal Government as an inept and corrupt center of organized crime to see how bad it will be to return to the Old World way. A new book, SAVE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY describes it, on claysamerica.com.

Dixon Cruickshank

Ah the two Steve's, always good entertainment

Frisch I guess it seems to matter to you, since the Unions fund everything else, not much to see there.

Enos - are you accusing Mr Meckler of tearing up a sign in your yard? otherwise how would he be involved -
I do see alot of that honesty and free speech stuff from Congress these days so its probably pertainent

Steve Enos

Ah Dixon... it's about a guy that was caught tearing down campaign signs on election day a few elections ago. A person that would do that and violate the law and anothers right of free speach should be careful of what they say they stand for.

I still await Mr. Meckler's response to my last email to him or he could post here about what took place and if he was involved.

Dixon, would you support the actions of a person that tresspassed and tore down election signs?

Dixon Cruickshank

Absolutely if they were for my Congress women Kathey Castor - she hasn't missed a stupid vote yet and was one of only 81 of the 535 - Reps and Senators to support continued funding for Acorn. To say she is an Arbuckle on the Ass of Progess is being nice, she is a menace to sociaity. I might even chip in for gas money LOL

RL Crabb


Thanks for the plug. Nevada City may have its head in the clouds, but as an observer for more than thirty years I'll have to say the old town hasn't done too badly for itself. The best thing NC has going for it is its proximity to Grass Valley, which allows it to reject all those ugly industries essential to most communities. (Who needs a K-Mart when you can just drive over the hill?)

I can't complain though. I've made a living off Nevada City politics for decades.

George Rebane

My pleasure Robert, you are one of our county's living treasures. Keep up the great doodling and noodling, your work speaks to and for all of us.

Steve Enos

Still no response from Stan Meckler, the Tea Party leader.

I am providing Mr. Meckler the opportunity to respond to the incident of a guy that was caught tearing down campaign signs on election day a few elections ago. A person that would do that, violate the law, violate anothers right of free speach and violate private property rights to do so should be careful of what they say they stand for.

It would be nice if Mr. Meckler would reply to this and let us all know if he knows anything about this incident.

George Rebane

Steve, I'm not sure where you're going with this online investigation, but here's the URL to the NC TPP website page that invites you to email the group's organizer (Stan).


Steve Enos

Thanks George, but very recently I have had email exchanges between Mr. Meckler and myself via that website. Mr. Meckler and I exchanged a few emails about the Tea Party and when I asked him about the campaign sign issue Mr. Meckler stopped emailing and failed to respond. Mr. Meckler did post here, thus my using this as an opportunty to ask him again to respond about this issue.

Mr. Meckler has failed to respond to me about this issue. I await Mr. Mecklers response and will keep you posted.

George Rebane

Steve, I share your concern (anger?) about the violation of legally posted election signs. I consider all aspects of voting in a democracy to be sacrosanct, as I suspect you also do. Our property fronts on Cement Hill Rd in an ideal location for such signs. During every election that we have lived here, we have posted signs and have had at least one, sometimes all, removed. The sheriff's response has been 'BFD, we have more important stuff to do.'

Steve Enos

This is an issue we share. No one has the right to tresspass and violate anothers protected freespeech, regardless of party or message.

I await Mr. Mecklers response and will keep you posted.

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