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12 January 2010


Mikey McD

CNN video:

Mikey McD

More "Liagra" use documented: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOIrBPbDZz8&feature=channel

Dixon Cruickshank

George be sure and check out the FNMA and Freddie farud gig where they were lying about Alt-A and sub prime loans they were packaging and selling a Prime A. In a giant wad no way the guys on Wall St could actually figure out what was in them for the CDS's, thats where it all started all the way back to '93. Being an ex stockbroker and current mortgage broker I can see what actually went on, they were getting these from the Gov/GSE, they wouldn't lie LOL
- Powerline has links

Also on a side note from the comments section - 1 in particular caught my eye --- although the GSE's were a tinderbox for along time, somebody had to light the match - it was 4 months from the election and McCain had just started leading the polls - got me thinking, heck of a conspirisy theory there

its late not correcting spelling - sorry

George Rebane

Thanks Dixon, I remember reading a piece about fraudulent packaging of CDSs that made even the best risk models go bonkers since they zigged when the actual CDSs zagged. If you have any links to the material, please share them in a comment.

Dixon Cruickshank

Here you go this has links to 3 more spots too


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