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19 January 2010


Robin Milam


RE: Avatar

One can choose to see all the "anti's" and bashing of whatever "ism's" in Avatar if that is what one wants. What resonated so powerfully and beautifully for me is the deep, profoundly cellular/bio-neural INTERCONNECTEDNESS with all life elements that the Na'vi are in tune with. Unfortunately warfare and what was presented as a capitalistic power move was an overriding theme.

For me the core message is a divinely spiritual one.


Steven Frisch

My wife and I went to see Wicked a couple of months the night before 8 of my colleagues went to see it. I saw all 8 friends the next day at a meeting in San Francisco. I commented on the clear message in Wicked about the power of totalitarianism and the propensity of societies to overreact to threat. No one else saw it.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, but would we want to censor art? I don't think so. (I know no one here was talking censorship)

Art shapes culture so culture can shape art. I want Avatar to have a message, just as I want other movies whose message I may disagree with to have a message. That's part of what art is, social message. It makes us question.

George Rebane

Robin and Steve, I take no exception to your remarks, nor do I want in any way to inhibit artistic or political expression in privately funded films. My rumination was on the ability of viewers to grasp the semantic components that the movie communicated.


Brown 53 % Coakley 46%. OMG!!!!!

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