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09 January 2010



a new way to spell stimulus?

George Rebane

Thanks Jeff, fast typing with fat fingers will do it every time.

Dixon Cruickshank

You guys sure aren't bashful about asking though

George Rebane

C'mon Dixon, we're doing our part to hold up the tragedy of the commons (q.v.). Isn't that what all the pigs shouldering up to the trough say - if we don't get our'n while the gittins good, then hungry is all we get while we walk and wallow in the other pigs' poop.' I guess that's another reason to call it pork.

Dixon Cruickshank

very eloquent George

Dixon Cruickshank

Found some of yours george

Here’s at Least One Job ‘Created or Saved’

Dixon Cruickshank

forgot the link


John "Red" Burke

George, a client shared with me that stimulus funds have reached Nevada County in the form of money for a few new hires for an early childhood program. Sounds like these jobs will go live in the next week or so ...

George Rebane

John, they are probably reflected in the bump that is shown in this week's (15jan10) post.

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