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03 January 2010



I read your column above and think that the couple you refer to should spend their time, effort, and the congregation's money on converting a few souls in Sacramento (or Roseville, etc). It's not just about cost-savings. It's more about what we can do here, in the USA, to stop islamic radicalization of otherwise disaffected Muslims. That's not the only reason (and you touched on it), but I have strong feelings about starting at home where success is more likely than in a hostile country. We don't need to see more headlines that shout out: "Two Americans Killed Abroad---". Anonymous.

George Rebane

[The following comment was emailed to me by 'Duckie Narveson', who was having trouble getting TypePad to accept it. So here it is as submitted. gjr]

Religion, Christianity or other, is a way to bring groups of people together and control the populace to the benefit of those with the ‘Plan’. Religious tax (tithe) supports these various beliefs. The promise of life hereafter binds the flocks together. The Bible and other religious books laid down the laws to be obeyed and attempted to explain the ‘unknown’ in simple terms the uneducated could understand.

It worked when population was small. Then divinity spread itself to Kings and other heads-of-state. They loved the POWER and developed more laws to suit themselves. When religious law didn't suit them they changed the fundamentals of the current religion to accommodate their needs, all the while behaving (acting ) as if they were religious servants.

Some religions remained conservative and resisted change from within by physically punishing (killing/ostracizing) those who would stray from the fundamentals; their leaders selected from the fundamental religion. Other religions bent with the times and evolved into secular political groups. Apparently, most democratic society law is based on the Ten Commandments of Moses. Now politics, in some structured form and blindly supported by the populace, controls by creating laws (allegedly ethical and not self-serving) as well as through taxation (tithing by faith to once again to support the structure).

It’s not that ‘there-is-no-god’ but that the ‘superior’ force is currently out of human control (beyond our comprehension). Once we actually do understand physical (mother-nature) and human nature we may be able to learn how govern ourselves more effectively and less destructively. Apparently, at this time, the whole world has their collective heads stuck in the sand (corrupt) and are unable to rise above past (repeated) mistakes to create better order. Perhaps it will take an Armageddon to rearrange individual self-reliance to be able to create a more constructive group order. We can call it ‘religotics’ or ‘polygion’!


Some advice for those preparing text in a word processor and then pasting the text into the comment box. Typepad only accepts plain ASCII, if you have embedded formating symbols hidden in the text Typepad will reject it. If you have ASCII text, and the comment box will not accept it, look for a space as the first character in the first line of text. Typepad does not like that space as the first character. The other issue, is there seems to be a time out function on the comment box. If Typepad will not accept the text, remove the text and then hit the page refresh button, and it should accept the text. As a last resort, navigate away from RR and then return to the right page and enter the text in the comment box. All of these tips have worked for me one time or another.

George Rebane

Good advice Russ. All of that has worked for me. I like to compose in Word, but always put the finished text through NetPad (Windows' vanilla text editor)and paste it from there to TypePad and other blogs' comment boxes.

Victoria Silvers


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