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21 February 2010


Account Deleted

‘Vote them out’ does not work.... I would have to disagree. It works perfectly. The problem is: whom to vote in? We had high hopes for Arnie, but he did well for only a short while and then used a moistened finger to chart a new, and leftward course. The path of financial ruin has been trod continuously for decades. As long as the growing problem could be hidden under the bed, the folks who pointed out the coming disaster were labeled as cranks. Tom Mcclintock stands as one of very few solons that would show financial discipline. There are others like him out there, but they don't stand a chance in a million of even getting on the ballot in most areas. The voters want liars and crooks as long as they whisper sweet nothings in the electorates' ears. We can not blame the politicians any more than the good citizens who repeatedly voted them back into office. The bill that comes due will have to be paid by those who can't cover themselves some how. The very wealthy and well connected will do alright as they usually do. The middle class will be hammered as they have wealth tied up in retirements and real estate they can't easily convert. Politicos are not the answer but a return to an informed citizenry who will work hard and forgo what they have built up in order to repay the enormous debt that they owe. It will probably not happen, but I have no idea how it will play out. Violence will be close under the surface, and we must be vigilant against those who would provoke it for personal power or gain.

George Rebane

Scott, I would agree with all that you said except your first conclusion. You yourself give the reason why 'vote them out' does not work. The replacements are no better, nor can we hope them to be as you point out. I rest my case.

Dixon Cruickshank


sounds kinda like last weeks chat about Greece

George Rebane

It is indeed Dixon. Thanks for the great link Dixon.


We get the government we deserve. Arnold was elected to clean house, and when he needed the support of the electorate he was abandoned. Can't hardly blame him for giving up.

Account Deleted

Don't want to argue semantics or how many bailouts can dance on the head of a silver dollar, but I must reply that the problem is the voting public. Arnie did indeed try to pass several good measures and was hammered. Then he decided to "go green" and is now a quisling for BO. We can vote out the bums and vote in the good. But "we" don't seem to want that. It is the voting populace that is the problem. As Pogo said - "We have met the enemy and he is us".

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