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19 February 2010



" socialistic cycle of tax and spend?"
Pishwa, Spending by Bush was what? Tax cut and Spend road to perdition.

Socialist Shmoshalist. Get a new rap.

George Rebane

In many ways Bush was a disappointed to a lot of people, me included. And the non-defense spending during his tenure was part and parcel of the problems we have with growing government - by definition socialism.


So everything but defense is socialism?

Growing government.. is socialist?

Oh my God it just happened, where you've seen a word so many times in print it all of a sudden the word looks misspelled and you can't figure out what it is.
Stayed up too late last night.

Mkey McD

Tony, may I suggest that you read: http://rebaneruminations.typepad.com/Bastiat_Triangle_Alliance.pdf

The day our government got into the business of equality via philanthropy is the day our liberties came under attack. Yes, I believe that growing government by definition is socialist.

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